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LATE! This is one time I'm going to disagree with you! Think back. When they gave up their nukes, Clinton assured them we would protect them from Russia if they gave them up. THE US LIED. Furthermore,
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Posted by: Dee Wee ®

03/05/2022, 20:14:24

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They realized too late that it wasn't a good idea to give up their most valuable weapons that would guarantee them peace. They are naked and have been for years. The US has taken advantage of them since that time. They can only rely on us and our leaders have used this frightened country knowing they are helpless, so they dare not say "no." 

 Our own leaders as well as other leaders have used Ukraine as a playground and money laundering system while taking money from the Ukrainian coffers. I'm only on page 48 of RED*HANDED and I assure you much of the corruption in Ukraine is from people like Biden, Romney, China and the other foreign entities who see the easy money. Yes, their leaders were corrupt because they were always puppets of Russia.

As for the nuclear plants, who says they weren't hit by Russian jets. It was viewed live on TV and those were planes, hitting the administration building. Russia has been overtaking their nuclear plants in order to control the people and their home temperatures during these freezing months. There has been a long-believed theory by the Russians and US that the Ukrainians buried some of their nukes just beside the nuclear plants to explain away any possible minor radiation. If the Russians were right, those strikes around the nuclear stations would probably have hit any hidden nukes and perhaps causes them to detonate. 

These days I hesitate calling any country corrupt...considering.... 

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