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Late, they didn't fail to fortify. Under Obama they received blankets and empty medicine bottles to fight the Russians with when Russia invaded Crimea. Trump helped him but he had to fight with the traitors in State to get
Re: It was a mistake for Ukraine to give up all of their nuclear arsenal - that was when Russia stopped fearing them. -- LateForLunch Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: Dee Wee

03/07/2022, 12:54:49

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the equipment to them. Biden has been useless.

They counted on us to protect them and once they discovered neither we nor any other country was going to come to their aid, they allowed the pro-Russian leaders to run the show until Zelensky.

BTW, one of the things his financial experts found was that money that was supposed to go to Afghanistan was being laundered and stolen. As I said, this goes much deeper and I'm tending to believe the corrupt powers to be really want Putin out of the way for other reasons. Perhaps to stop the disclosures found on the books or to hide the work of the labs.

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