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"Z"s government violated conventions of negotiation when the Russkies tried to settle over Crimea...
Re: Late, they didn't fail to fortify. Under Obama they received blankets and empty medicine bottles to fight the Russians with when Russia invaded Crimea. Trump helped him but he had to fight with the traitors in State to get -- Dee Wee Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: LateForLunch

03/08/2022, 02:08:47

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...even U.S. scholars wrote that Ukraine violated good faith and international law when they voided arbitrated agreements post-Crimea in favor of new policies which were never negotiated. The government reneged without honor. Just like Putin always does.

The Ukrainian leaders are as corrupt as the Russian ones - just less-violent and less-capable strategically.

That is the brutal truth. It's basically a horrible large-scale bug-tussle.*

* Bug tussle - a vigorous, provincial dispute between two or more equally-vile, lowly creatures.

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