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Z gets points for being pragmatic but little more.
Re: Again, I disagree. Z hired the right people even though he was a neophyte like Trump was. His defense of Trump put him down as a good guy who refused to obey Vindman and State who wanted him to condemn Trump. It took guts -- Dee Wee Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: LateForLunch

03/10/2022, 18:34:50

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He is a classic triangulator - he puts his finger to the wind to measure every big decision - his policies are subject to constant modification. The three elements in that equation are his own inclination, the opinion of his constituents, the opinions of whomever is his most expedient patron (someone with something he wants).

The result of such "leadership" is that he is as likely to betray you as befriend you - depending on the wind. This week he's behaving well, the next he will be pandering to some ACF nonsense or worse.

We used to call that attitude in a leader sleazy, now we call it SOP ("pragmatic" in the Alinskyite sense). Adept at getting what he wants/needs by pandering, brief alliances.

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