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IOW, if the Ukrainians are going to be ruled by bad leaders, does it really make that much difference whether they are corrupt Russians or corrupt Ukrainians?
Re: Doesn't matter. They are not worth the lives of U.S. soldiers. They were betrayed yet sucked up to their ('Crat) betrayers anyway. -- LateForLunch Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: LateForLunch

03/06/2022, 17:53:50

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The idea that a lot of people need to die to settle Ukrainian political disputes has been the largest problem facing their people as far as I can tell from studying their history. Fanatic militants of one sort or another are forever whipping the nation into a kill-frenzy one way or the other through countless decades of futile civil and internecine war.

That seems to be one of the only consistent, unchanging things about the history of that region. Why must a nation five- thousand miles away get pulled into it with massive spending, aid or troops?

If the current president of Ukraine is their idea of a hero, they need new standards of heroism.

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