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Iím no expert on climate change, but I do know climate change urgency is mainly propaganda
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Posted by: Ihavenoname ģ

12/05/2022, 15:13:34

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I admit, I donít have a clear understanding of climate change, nor am I in any position to provide a sensible opinion on this matter.

But, as you pointed out, studying such thing is likely difficult (and probably inconclusive in many cases).

My problem is that climate change urgency being is used as a blatant excuse to take away our freedom. WA Gov. Joker Inslee enacted a stupid carbon tax and banned the sale of gas-powered cars by 2030, just like what Gruesome Newsom did.†So did evil Canadian PM Tyrant Trudeau (carbon taxes only, I remembered).

Will it be a crime to drive a 1970 Plymouth Roadrunner in the future? I hope not. Many car enthusiasts will be outraged.

And a Canadian bank even released a new credit card to ďtrack your carbon footprintĒ in the form of a communist-style social credit score like China. No thanks. I hope other companies donít follow suit!

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