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Don't buy into the ecoparanoid terminology...
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12/05/2022, 21:06:06

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...such as using whatever rebranding they attempt to sell fear to the public. They used to refer to it as "global warming" then changed it several times and finally settled on "climate change". The fact is that the basis for the whole idiotic scam is a speculative conjecture referred to as "anthropogenic global warming" (AGW). At the root of this fiction is something known "carbon-caused black body radiative forcing" which is a lot of jargon meaning the belief that carbon in the atmosphere causes heat (black body radiation) to be absorbed by the air and prevented from escaping back into space.

Carbon forcing is the foundational basis for the entire AGW conjecture - since it doesn't work that way, AGW is complete Bravo Sierra. Period. All the strong evidence is that this is exactly the case, but government/leftist-supported political entities continue to promulgate the falsity that it is otherwise.

In lay terms, AGW states that human-contributions of a harmless inert trace gas (carbon dioxide) that never makes up more than about 0.3 % of the atmosphere has more effect on the global temperature than ALL OF THE OTHER FACTORS COMBINED. Those other factors are: natural emissions of carbon dioxide (natural decay of vegetation, naturally-caused forest fires, volcanic activity, deep ocean current upwelling of methane), plus variations in solar radiation caused by orbital changes, plus changes in distribution of water vapor in the atmosphere (clouds, humidity, large bodies of water), geographic factors (El Nino etc), solar radiation output variations. 

From the physics perspective (which looks at physical factors as the percentage of energy contribution to the total energy of the system) that is similar to the belief that a speeding freight train can be derailed by a spit wad.

 IOW, AGW is patently absurd on its face just by examination of the basic physics. One does not need to be an expert in physical geographical science (climatology) to understand the pertinent factors, but one does need a passable grasp of the most elementary precepts of physics. Once one has the latter, it is childishly easy to determine that AGW is absolute, utter, infantile nonsense. 

In a hundred years, the whole conjecture will be viewed as idiotic and a sign of the barbaric state of affairs of our time. Legitimate science has been replaced by cacogens with pseudo-science and we are being gaslighted on a scale that was never before possible prior to the mass media age. 

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