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"I have better things to do than to be told that the world will end in 12 years due to AGW, " do 99.9% of all normal people.
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Posted by: LateForLunch ®

12/06/2022, 21:15:40

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... since it is complete nonsense. Ignorance among AGW advocates (fanatics) is so widely pervasive, that even though I have read and posted comments on articles about it for over ten years, I have had only two rational exchanges with people who possessed even elementary knowledge of the issues involved and both got angry and resigned from the discussion because they had no refutation for any of the cogent points. 

Virtually hundreds of people who commented in support of AGW were simply unable to respond substantively to any post because NONE of them had the remotest inkling of understanding of physical geographical science. All were simply parroting what they had been told, second, third, fourth or worse hand. 

The New Ignorami forever gaslighting and forever mendaciously dedicated to the occult. 

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