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IMO anyone who believes in AGW is either an opportunist, a useful idiot or a mendacious lunatic.
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Posted by: LateForLunch ®

12/05/2022, 14:35:35

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AGW is not even a theory, it's a speculative conjecture based on an unproven (unprovable) belief that atmospheric carbon creates a "green house effect". There is ZERO evidence of that. That's because the atmosphere is so immense, that no actual controlled experiment can be performed. The only experimental "evidence" presented toward validating carbon forcing of black body radiation (heat) has been performed IN A LABORATORY environment, NOT IN THE ATMOSPHERE itself. That's why AGW conjectures/projections or "computer models" (PTOOY!)NEVER match observed results. Sadly being able to match empirical observations with theoretical predictions is one of the basic criteria for a scientific conjecture to be considered reasonable. 

But we are deep into the Age of Cacogenic Mendacity now, and scientists are to be considered a protected class now like the priests of old -never to be questioned or criticized. 

Both of the people mentioned in your above post remind me of something I heard a long time ago - people are often eager to offer lots of criticism and lots of advice but no help. 

It seems to me that (all due respect to Stossel at least) simply describing things or agonizing about perceived injustice/infamy does not demonstrate superior morality nor mastery of the essential, vital concepts or any COMPREHENSIVE understanding of how to integrate solutions into the central purport. 

IOW, just because wheels are spinning doesn't mean their minds are going anywhere. 

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