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Artificial Intelligence needs to stop
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Posted by: Ihavenoname

12/03/2022, 01:35:49

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This video showed a bunch of examples of robots and AI being used in a multitude of applications, courtesy of FascistTube's weird recommendations list.

I'm personally 300% against this (not against robots without AI, of course), even IF there are harmless legitimate uses for AI, and the software's source code was made open-source. Not worth it. Hasn't Terminator 2: Judgement Day warned us already?

I wouldn't be surprised if Dr. Kriminal Klaus Schwab, Scroogle, FascistTube, FascistBook, CringeTok, and RottenApple Inc. all worked on a universal AI program to achieve their one goal: complete control of everything.

They will do things like:
  • Force mind-controlling implants in our brains with AI in it.
  • Track you (already happening now with "shacklephones" and AI programs like Siri)
  • Control your thoughts.
  • Empower militaries around the world to enact mass imprisonment of societies.
  • Enhance censorship.
  • Control what you purchase.
  • And many other creepy Orwellian 1984 stuff they dream of doing.
People talk about how "AI is so cool," yet don't realize the dangers of the actual intended uses.

More lawmakers and representatives on the Republican and Libertarian sides must do something to stop the weaponization of AI against our freedom.

FascistTube, FascistBook, Scroogle, and CringeTok have already been censoring people. Why do we need to make it worse with AI?

Just imagine the next president being an AI program. Artificial Intelligence is "artificial inslavement."

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