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AZ AG Mark Brnovich won't do anything, despite the letter demanding answers to voter suppression
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Posted by: Ihavenoname ģ

11/20/2022, 00:42:12

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RINO Attorney General Mark Brnovich's office just sent a letter to "Malicecopa" County demanding answers to the disaster election that happened on November 8th.

Mark Brnovich has already shown his true colors. He doesn't want to stop and investigate voter fraud.

I even suspect that the 2018 Arizona Secretary of State election was stolen from Steve Gaynor. From an archived Wikipedia article I have:

"On March 8, 2017, Hobbs announced she would run for
Arizona Secretary of State.
In the 2018 election, she ran against local businessman Steve Gaynor
in the contest. On November 6, 2018, the Associated Press prematurely called the race on election
night for Gaynor,
despite 600,000 ballots left to count statewide. With the race as close as it
was, neither Hobbs nor Gaynor initially claimed victory.
In the days to come, Gaynor's lead
narrowed as more and more ballots were counted. On November 16, 2018, Hobbs was officially
declared as the winner by a margin of 20,000 votes."

Doesn't that sound familiar? The problems began even before 2020. Now history repeats itself. Too bad no investigation on the 2018 AZ SOS election was done. Where did those 600,000 ballots came from?

Ducey and Brnovich are not here to serve your best interests. They could careless about your lives. Ducey is truly the Kemp of Arizona.

Brnovich doesn't want to hear your complaints. Seems like he wants you to "shut up and put up."

Unfortunately, nobody in higher positions of power are immune to the temptation of back-stabbing. Just look at Trump's "downfall" during his last few weeks in the presidency.

May Ducey and Brnovich cower in perpetual shame for the rest of their lives after leaving office. They deserve it. Not only for being cowards, but for betraying the trust of the American people. Too bad we don't have a say in how much their final paycheck is.

They should not receive a single penny from taxpayers. Yet, we're legally obligated to pay taxes, and part of that funds their paycheck. And this injustice shall continue for the rest of our lives.

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