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Troubling, yet in regard to 01-06-2021 some of the serious political problems were caused by DJT's bad choices.
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Posted by: LateForLunch ģ

11/20/2022, 05:37:22

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One of the biggest concerns I had throughout the Trump administration was his failure to effectively distance himself (in the perception of a large swath of voters, it turned out) from oddballs/extremists who glommed on to his presidency. White supremacists, Q-Anon lunatics, conspiracy addicts, et al.†

It was easy to predict that if serious violence occurred at the 1/6 protests he encouraged in DC, rightly or wrongly he would be blamed. That is exactly what occurred - rioters (either planted instigators or psychotic fools looking for a chance to act out violently) turned the protest into a chaotic shit-show. Mitigations and aggravating players/circumstances aside, DJT should have gone out of his way to discourage violence and disavow kooks with as much enthusiasm as he encouraged outraged protest.†

It was to be blunt, a bush-league political mistake that would have had Stalin, Trotsky, Bolivar and Saul Alinsky laughing out loud and Machiavelli covering his face/shaking his head.†

I would gladly vote for DJT again to be president if he is the nominee, but that aspect of political policy (if you can even call obliviousness to possible consequences a policy issue) was a terrible political mistake. Thankfully most of what could be seen as serious errors in that administration were in selecting bad staff members and political errors as the one above. The errors were not in foreign policy, management of the military, economy or other tangible public policy mistakes that influenced the nation adversely.

DJT could have learned much by emulating RWR in communications with/attitudes toward the press/adversaries. Sometimes less is more -especially in politics. Even if the opponents are as inept as the 'Crats often are, it's still chess, not checkers. Without sound strategy behind every move, disaster looms always.†

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