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I always wondered why Trump endorsed Dr. Oz
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Posted by: Ihavenoname ģ

11/20/2022, 11:06:34

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President Reagan had a charisma that probably won't be seen again. I'd do anything to get a time machine to visit the 1980s (I wasn't born in that decade).

With that being said, I suspected that Trump has this "him above everything else" attitude. He always thinks he's right.

His personality can't be changed, but he can tone it down to tolerable levels. Would he be willing to do that? That remains to be seen later on.

He endorsed many people, including bad candidates. Dr. Oz isn't a real conservative, but another RINO. Why he chose Oz is beyond me. Trump has been making too many judgemental errors lately. And Oz was known to sell some phoney weight-loss pills on TV before.

And even if some RINOS understandably despise him, that doesn't give them any excuse to neglect their duties. If the elecion system were fair, it would be true that the citizens has a say in who gets elected.

They instead choose to allow voter fraud to happen and betray public trust. Why? Some actions and disclosures of PAC donation funds to certain groups suggests that they would rather enact "crushing hatred" of the MAGA movement first above their duties.

Does it matter now? I don't think so, because the damage has been done already, and they (RINOS) are too corrupt to even bother asking.

I wish they would set aside their personal feelings and prosecute law breakers like Hobbs. After doing their jobs and leaving office, then they can vent their hatred of Trump all they want. I'll simply ignore them.

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