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Iím basically a native Seattle person in exile
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Posted by: Ihavenoname ģ

10/18/2022, 10:37:07

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Iíll try to avoid doxxing myself too much. Iím originally from Seattle, was born and raised there for almost my entire life. Iíve lived on and off between Washington and Arizona for quite some time now. I only went to AZ to attend a certain aviation university in Prescott. I know what Seattle was like in happier times. I have relatives and family who live around Seattle.

Now, after a year of moving back to Seattle, Iím back in AZ. I currently reside in the 2020 hot zone, Maricopa County. Letís call it ďMalicecopa CountyĒ because the election officials are corrupted.

Iím sad to see Seattle turn into the junkyard it is today. I actually went back a few days ago. Itís still a beautiful city, donít get me wrong. But thereís still extreme filth and hasnít changed since I left. There was a homeless person near the Chinatown area that shamelessly committed a lewd act. Is that the best you can do, Seattle?†

Anyways, the Gen-Z people and progressives over there only care about social stuff. I wouldnít be surprised if they plug their ears and say ďnah nah I want zero racism!Ē And recently, residents of Chinatown started a petition to stop the expansion of a homeless shelter. What did they expect when they voted for Brutal Mayor Harrell?

Now the same people who ruined Seattle want to ruin Arizona! Folks who live there (including ďmoderateĒ Crats), I want you to visit Seattle and ask yourself ďdo I want that in my city as well?Ē If not, donít let Hobbs and Kelly get elected.†

If you want to know more about situation, there are two documentaries on Seattleís homeless (and drug) crisis. They are Eric Johnsonís ďSeattle is Dying,Ē and ďThe Fight For the Soul of Seattle,Ē viewable on YouTube. Donít listen to the ignorant Redditors who pull out the Clinton card and insist that these allegations are false. The Seattle subreddit is toxic.

I hope Arizonians listen. Once it becomes Seattle, itís almost impossible to fix. Donít let it happen in the first place. Until then, Seattle, you have a lot of fixing to do. By the way, we almost got a Republican governor in WA state in 2004, but Dino Rossi lost by a small margin (spoiler: it was suspiciously rigged). And Glenn Morgan and Tim Eyman are the only good people left in Washington.

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