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Lost Angeles city government degenerates into carnival of mutual rape, as three council members refuse to resign.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

10/12/2022, 23:10:07

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California DOJ investigating LA's redistricting process amid scandal: AG Bonta (

The selfishness of 'Crats is on full display here, as all three of the blatantly anti-black, anti-white racist council members have ignored numerous calls, including from Xiden himself, to resign.

Only one of them has been suspended (the president of the council) but she has not resigned.

For a long time I have referred to the fact that 'Crats are inclined to engage in such grotesquely uncivil behavior, even amongst themselves, that it is identical to a carnival of mutual rape.

This is only the LATEST scandal involving 'Crat Lost Angeles public officials. The LASD raided the home of a county supervisor because of her close affiliation with a self-admitted bribery suspect who did business with mayoral candidate Sharon Bass.

Obviously what has happened is that Lost Angeles under the vise-like stranglehold of democrat party political machinery, has degenerated into an environment much like that which exists in Mexico- where the public officials are just as corrupt, wicked, lawless and vicious as many of the criminals they claim to abhor.

The 'Crats line up at the trough to gorge themselves on public funds without any regard for anything but enriching themselves.

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