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# 10 -Tragically, horribly - I would have won that bet - with fifteen minutes to spare @2345 (11:45PM) PDT Long Beach
Re: And #8-9 - two more straight-up murders - street fight at "Cannibis Event" in H-Wood kills one (maybe two) plus teen run down by (2) cars at party in south central L.A. -- LateForLunch Post Reply Top of thread Forum

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08/22/2022, 12:25:23

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In the last post, I screwed-up the sentence (my editor is SO fired!!) - I meant to post that it was a 2-to-1 SAFE BET there WOULD be another homicide before midnight. Grimly believing it more likely than not considering the previous 84-hours of lethal mayhem. This sadly was the case.

It was another straight-up 187 (murder) in the only-partially-lovely town of Long Beach. Officers were called to shooting, found adult black male lying in the street DRT (dead right there).

No suspects in custody (and probably never will be).One of the unreported changes in law enforcement is that the clearance-rate for murders has been steadily declining (now below 50%) - as fewer and fewer people are willing to cooperate with police. No, they choose to be part of the "resistance" movement which does not want effective, strong law enforcement.

Homicide investigation ongoing after man found shot to death in Long Beach - CBS Los Angeles (

Long Beach was a place I spent some time as a boy - there was parking to be had, clean showers and restrooms (ZERO vagrants hanging around circa 1966) near a place known as Terminal Island. The sand was fairly clean and it was well-policed as I recall. Sometimes a little tar on the feet but that was all. The water was cold and there was a riptide, so swimming was problematic. But it was a decent enough beach to do what people do on beaches.

The surrounding community was of course hotels, then the sort of run-down neighborhood you find in Pasadena when you wander onto the wrong streets. Nice residential neighborhoods bordering gang-infested poverty-shacks surrounded by chain link fence (to contain the pit bulls) dead lawns/healthy weeds and (forgive me) porch monkeys (of all colors) plus wheel-less junker-cars up on cinder-blocks installed in the front and back yards.

Belmont Shores (a wealthy marina/mansion enclave) is right next door with a murder-rate hovering around zero. Long Beach murder-rate is one of the highest in the state with lots of 'bangers as high as they can get on whatever is cheap.

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