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#13- 14 - Burbank double shooting leaves one dead - no suspects. Riverside home invasion shootout leaves homeowner wounded, one robber dead.
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08/24/2022, 22:53:55

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Burbank police investigating fatal double shooting - CBS Los Angeles (

This occurred on Monday, not reported by LEOs until now because it was still under investigation. Nearing the seven-day mark.

There was another near-fatal shooting in a car-jacking attempt in Boyle Heights (gang-dominated LEO no-go zone). The driver shot at close range through the driver's side window but survived. If I were him, I'd go to church. 

There was also another homicide (#14 was self-defense) in Riverside, when a man got into a shootout with home invaders, killing one and getting slightly wounded himself. It's sort of amusing how CBS writers tried to make this out to be a "burglary" demonstrating the writer's ignorance of the law. A burglary is when a criminal enters an UNOCCUPIED place to steal things of value - a ROBBERY is when a criminal enters an occupied place to steal things. There is a crucial difference - shooting a burglar is not usually legal, but shooting a robber often is. This was clearly a robbery. The headline is contradictory - there is no such thing as a "home-invasion burglary". If someone is at home when thieves enter, it's a robbery not a burglary - and you can legally shoot the motherfathers. 

That makes an average of two homicides per day over the last seven-day period (all but two of them murders) still with hours to go until midnight. Unless there are more murders/homicides before midnight, this will conclude the monitoring of the greater Lost Angeles area mayhem for now.

The anti-law enforcement movement has caused this far more than any other factor. Violent criminals no longer fear of the law, so naturally they are coming out to play.

Like the latest fashion
Like a spreading disease'
Getting strapped on the way to the classroom
Getting weapons with the greatest of ease

By the time you hear the sirens
It's already too late
One's in the morgue and the 
Other's in jail
One got wasted and the
Other's a waste. 

Hey! Man, you talkin' back to me?
Hey! Bring 'em down
You'd better keep 'em separated
Hey! Man, you disrespectin' me?
Hey! Take 'em down!
You'd better keep 'em separated
Hey! Hey!Don't pay no mind
It's only L.A. you won't be doin' any time!
Hey!Hey!Hey! COME OUT AND PLAY!! - Offspring (rock band)

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