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Baltimore metro has one-fifth the population of L.A. metro, so one-per-day is VERY high.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

08/28/2022, 18:42:40

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If L.A. had the same homicide-rate as Baltimore (figured per-100K population) there would be five or six murders per-day in Lost Angeles.

L.A. metro population is around 13 million (or about 16 million if you include Riverside County which is between L.A. and San Diego).

I get the impression from a criminological POV, Baltimore is really part of one super-large metro area which includes DC and surrounding enclaves in other states (Virginia, Maryland) so the borders are really just imaginary.

In Mexifornia, each major metro region is somewhat separated geographically from the others (L.A., San Diego, San Francisco/Oakland, Sacramento, Bakersfield, Humbolt, etc).

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