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#15 happened at 1:00 AM Thursday (after midnight), but I threw it in anyway. Stabbing Downtown, no suspects - like 50% of the others.. Welcome to Lost Angeles.
Re: #13- 14 - Burbank double shooting leaves one dead - no suspects. Riverside home invasion shootout leaves homeowner wounded, one robber dead. -- LateForLunch Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: LateForLunch

08/25/2022, 17:43:29

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Stabbing investigation underway after man found stabbed to death in Downtown Los Angeles - CBS Los Angeles (

That's (15) homicides in only seven days in the L.A. metropolitan area (includes Riverside). Two of those homicides were not murders (self-defense).

What's interesting is that in just a random monitoring, there were two cases of self-defense in which the shooters might well have died if they hadn't had a weapon to defend themselves.
This directly and strongly contradicts the hoplophobic paranoid claim that firearms are almost never used for self-defense.

Bullshit. There's the proof right there in cold statistics - 17% of death-by-firearms above were innocent people protecting themselves effectively. So, I call BULLSHIT!!

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