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Alec Baldwin lied - forensic investigators say trigger was pulled in Rust shooting.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

08/13/2022, 19:32:13

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Forensics Conclude Trigger Pulled in 'Rust' Shooting |

The show armoror, sensing that she would be thrown under the bus by Baldwin et al, if they could, smartly reported in the deposition that she was not present when Baldwin took it upon himself to, "procure/point a loaded firearm at a crew member against all protocols and regulations." Oops.

Baldwin has stated publicly in interviews and (allegedly) in depositions to LEOs that he did not pull the trigger on the firearm, claiming, "It just went off!" He does not even admit to pointing it at the woman he killed, trying to make it look as if the weapon "just went off by accident" when he was merely holding it and it happened to go off by itself when it was accidentally/coincidentally pointed at the victim (all-butt stating that it was a mysterious "gun malfunction").

The theory, " it just went off by accident without pulling the trigger," will apparently not fly with LEO forensic examiners. The evidence is that someone (guess who!?!) pointed the gun at the victim and pulled the trigger, killing her.

As Russ has previously suggested, I agree Alec Baldwin's career as, "on-screen talent" is over. He and the studio who paid him as a "producer" will naturally be dragged through civil suits which will further damage his "brand" in the view of H-Wood casting directors. He will no doubt have to pay out millions in damages before the last of the whole wagon-train of lawyers rolls by.

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