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The investigators are being very thorough because they know the level of scrutiny will be off-the-scale.
Re: Alec Baldwin lied - forensic investigators say trigger was pulled in Rust shooting. -- LateForLunch Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: LateForLunch

08/15/2022, 00:13:57

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In similar cases, charges were not filed against the actor who fired the weapon. Even if no criminal charges brought, that does not immunize the responsible party or parties (Baldwin and production company) from being sued civilly.

Baldwin is treading on dangerous ground by lying to investigators because that in itself can be described as a criminal act if the authorities want to be "uncooperative" themselves. That is already one count of lying to investigators Baldwin has on his record - one wonders whether he is just poorly advised by legal counsel, is ignoring counsel's advice or is (dumbest choice of three) not consulting with competent, experienced legal counsel at all.

I once read a description of the job of a good attorney as being, "to get their client to stop doing something they are doing but shouldn't be". Generally LEO investigators/judges/lawyers are fairly smart and VERY difficult to fool. Lawyers can be corrupt, but they are not often stupid - anyone in Baldwin's situation should have the best lawyer/crisis management team he can afford (even if that requires borrowing enough money to afford it).

One wonders if already being caught in one big "misstatement" (LFL-rolls eyes), Baldwin is smart enough to stop lying. If he does not, eventually he may well get caught lying to a judge/jury and end up paying a VERY high price for his insolence.

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