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What exactly has CHANGED for the 'Crats in regard to Dopey Joe Biden?
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Posted by: LateForLunch

08/06/2022, 21:33:49

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I mean, nothing regarding his basic condition has changed at all. He may have gotten a minuscule bit worse in his impairment, but not much.

So one naturally wants to ask all who supported Xiden when he ran for president knowing full well that he was horribly impaired, what suddenly makes him unacceptable to be the democrat nominee for president!?!

If his condition hasn't changed much at all (it clearly hasn't, it was obvious to everyone back then that his mind was seriously jacked-up three years ago) then what else has changed? WHy is Xiden NOW considered an unsuitable candidate to the 'Crats!?!

Hmmm. Could it be the POLLING NUMBERS??? Nawwww...

You mean to tell me that the 'Crats would actually nominate someone whom they knew (or should have known) was significantly impaired to be POTUS? Then turn against him because and ONLY because he is no longer popular? NOT because he is too impaired to be president - just because he's not popular enough to be reelected!!!

That sure says a shit-load about the basic (im)morality of the 'Crats in regard to the People of United States whom they claim to love.. Love apparently means they INFLICT an unfit man on the nation whom they KNEW to be severely impaired.!! Then they love the country so much they then discard the same lame bastard when and ONLY WHEN HIS USEFULNESS TO THE PARTY as a politician ceases.

So clearly we can depend on the 'Crats to put their own political imperative (winning an election) over the best interests of the nation (having a president who is mentally/physically fit).

Also, the monstrous way Biden's wife and countless others exploited him (and continue to do so) solely for their own personal/political benefit. Exploit him knowing full well that he is suffering moderate-to-severe dementia.

Talk about cold-blooded, calculating reptiles...SMFs abound in the ACF senior ranks.

The party of cacogenic leaders and constituents. Great.

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