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Monkey pox outbreak at daycare center where homosexual employee spread disease to many of the children under his "care".
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Posted by: LateForLunch

08/06/2022, 23:08:31

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Instead of putting limits on "high risk" communities like homosexuals in their contact with the public, they are being allowed by "reform" laws to be given the right to be employed taking care of children (it is illegal to refuse employment to someone because they are a homosexual).

As often happens with 'Crats and homosexuals, they take the freedoms they are granted by society and immediately abuse them to the detriment of all. It happened with HIV/AIDS (which entered the general population eventually after being confined to the homosexual and intravenous drug abuser communities because the latter two groups became "accepted" as "normal").

It was only because Natural Law asserted itself even after laws were passed trying to prevent people from "discriminating" against homosexuals. Because homos were all high-risk for infection with and transmission of HIV, the general non-homosexual population shunned them after HIV/AIDS exploded globally. This natural (illegal?) shunning was effective. HIV infection retreated from the general population (when it almost never occurs now) and returned to the initial state of affairs in which only intravenous drug abusers and homosexuals/bisexuals are the only high risk groups for infection with HIV.

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