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Good points, RB! 'Looks like they can't use the pandemic to hide him in the basement for another two years.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

08/08/2022, 10:40:08

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Despite Herculean efforts to use government (Fauci et al) and their willing savants in the private sector to prolong the pandemic indefinitely, infection numbers and most-importantly ICU/death-rates are going down.

Not even returning to the skewed, idiotic habit hospitals adopted of recording everyone who "tests positive" for Wuhan Flu as being hospitalized for it primarily (to get $$$ from the government) has kept the number high enough to restore shut-downs/mask mandates (i.e., wide-spread panic).

So if Xiden runs for reelection he will for the first time have to actually campaign. Credit to the 'Crats for recognizing that the more the public sees the pathetic condition of their candidate, the less votes they will get. Points to them for understanding the need therefore to keep Xiden in isolation or use other methods to hide him away.

It is also looking like the entire purpose for the of the Darkness at Noon / January Sixth commission Kafkaesque show-trial has collapsed. The whole point was to bring charges against and convict Donald Trump of crimes to prevent him from running for president. No tiki. No charges have been brought (since Trump clearly violated no laws in his handling of the riots), so the whole stupid affair seems to have been a complete waste of time for the 'Crats (losing them as many votes as it got them).

The public seems to be getting that the paradigm for the 'Crats continues to be that whatever is best for the country is bad for the 'Crats (except the ongoing recession).

The 'Crats seem to be as Hunter Thompson might well have put it, "jumping for the Great Sky Hook". That's Thompson's term to describe a political strategery (sic) to try for an impossible configuration of "ideal outcomes" which will give them victory or else cause their side to be effectively "impaled" on the sharp steel hook in the effort to be lifted to heaven.

The 'Crats must somehow do everything in their power to wreck the economy by piling on needless, idiotic spending (the latest bill the tax-and-spend 'Crats rammed down everyone's throats) yet also prevent the recession from continuing. I wish them luck with that.

They must convince the voting public of a vast array of wild lunacy in order to get the most votes, and that is a steep, slippery slope to climb.

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