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Slide towards parity...
Re: Ya know, Late, I see you guys understand all of this currency data, but my wallet tells me what the dollar is worth and my grocery bills--believe it or not are at least 20% higher.... -- Dee Wee Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: LateForLunch

03/06/2022, 05:49:15

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...simply means that the Euro (once valued at 150% of U.S. Dollar) has lost so much value in the twenty years it has existed, that it's now almost equal to $1.00.

It's largely because the European Union includes a bunch of countries (like Italy and other mostly southern-European states) whose debt-to-GDP is pathetic (their debt is more than their GDP). That makes the currency's value much lower than it would be if only economically-healthy states were members. The endless defaults and bankruptcies of socialist states (with massive entitlement spending they can't afford) drags down all of the healthy states.

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