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Check that...$6.12 is what I paid this week.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

03/11/2022, 11:03:03

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The irrationality of Mexifornia voters is book. The noble electorate chose to retain a fuel tax increase which had (through the efforts of Republican groups) made it to the ballot to be rescinded by referendum. Legions of loyal party-line voters chose to keep the highest fuel costs in the nation.

Now, those same voters are hopping mad that many of them (in lower income groups especially) are paying 50% more per month to drive their vehicles than they were at the time they voted to keep the tax in place.

For example, many of the larger vehicles popular with Latinos in Southern California (big trucks, big SUVs) cost $250-$300 to fill up. Owners of such vehicles are paying $1200+ every month to drive their vehicles (not including maintenance costs - just fuel).

If you add maintenance costs (@ roughly $150 per month) many people are paying $1,500 monthly just to drive around in one big vehicle that used to cost $900 monthly (not including payments).

I have conservative Latino friends with dual citizenship (U.S./Mexico), who speak ruefully of, "the stupidity of Mexicans," especially in how they habitually vote party-line instead of voting their conscience or their common sense.

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