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Approaching $7.00 per gallon now in Mexifornia.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

03/27/2022, 15:13:29

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Yet Newsom will not suspend the huge ($0.25 per gallon) gas tax the clueless robotic 'Crat voters of Mexifornia gave themselves when they defeated a ballot initiative put on the ballot by Repubulicans and other low-tax advocates.

I'm guessing that Newsom's plan to give $400 to every Mexifornia resident to "compensate" for the high fuel prices will be difficult to pass. Fiscally, the budget may not be able to afford another "stimilus" (socialist spending bill under pretense of "emergency").

THIS emergency (insanely high fuel prices) is here to stay because it hasn't been caused by Razz-Putin, it's caused mostly by the 'Crats and Xiden destroying USA energy independence because they hate the oil companies and the fuel industry.

Polling has shown that the 'Crats had better be willing to commit massive vote fraud (a billion felonies) or they are going to have their head handed to them in November in most sectors that count.

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