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IMO, AI will impact jobs similar to how computers did, but in a much smaller way.
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Posted by: robertb

10/05/2023, 23:01:22

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Some jobs will go away. For example, customer support jobs will be reduced. As the AI bots get better, less and less you will need a live person on the phone to solve your problem.

OTOH, it is not going to take away jobs where you have to deeply problem solve. Many customer support questions are not common enough for AI to have 'learned' how to get to the solution in a reasonable time.

In essence, right now AI makes for more efficient pattern matching. It lets you Google better.

It can do repetitive things, like change every aspect of the video of person A and make it look like person B. High end find/replace basically.

Look for improvement in those areas as it develops more, but it does not actually think.

It will improve some areas, which will cause some job loss, but we are not looking at huge changes.


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