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BTW, anyone else read "Pattern Recognition" by William Gibson? His writing becomes more relevant/timely by the second.
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10/06/2023, 13:59:25

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The novel "Pattern Recognition" is set in the near future where a very adept, sensitive human being pits herself against an industry using AI selling mass-market products. She can with great accuracy identify whether or not specific symbols/ logos/art designs will or will not be successfully-received by target customers. Firms hire her to review their marketing graphics etc to tell them if they are going to help their advertising/brand identity or not.

She gets involved in some consulting work that draws her into an Net chatroom that has a mysterious poster whom someone very wealthy will pay a lot of money to locate/identify.

As usual there is a lot of side-plot involving interesting technical information and a side-detour into historical collectables (Gibson is comfortable with details).

This is not a cyber-punk series novel. Gibson BTW, is the author whose work (Neuromancer etc.) inspired the Matrix films (even though he was uncredited). Gibson is light years ahead of many authors in his understanding of both computers/AI technology and the failings of the human condition.

The only bad thing about his writing is that like Shakespeare, it's painfully realistic about the incipient infamy of Humanity as an enduring condition.

More and more, it seems that the world around us is gradually becoming something out of one of Gibson's nightmare visionary novels. Especially as relates to government/corporate consolidation into a savage, tyrannical Super-State.

It's interesting that Gibson, R.Buckminster Fuller and Arthur Koestler all reached very similar conclusions about dysfunctional government being one of the most likely, worst symptoms of a sick (emotionally disturbed) population.

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