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CBC's The National actually talks about something useful for once!
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Posted by: Ihavenoname

10/04/2023, 03:04:33

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Is AI coming for your job? People think so and are worried. I just watched a segment of Canada's most liberal media, The National. Surprisingly, they did a debate with four people on an issue facing many today: the fear of artificial intelligence replacing workers.

Two on each side are either for or against AI. The people for AI (both CEOs of a company) said it will be used one way or the other. The other side against it expressed concerns that it will replace their jobs and not be a genuine substitute for human creativity. Of course, the ones against AI don't want to lose their jobs. Neither would I!

I see a point from both sides. I guess I'll have to man up and learn AI (along with other skills). Reality hits hard, but I think I'll find a way to adapt. Nothing is forever!

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