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Soros heir cuts funding in Europe for "Open Society Foundation" without warning, angering grantees (employees). .
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Posted by: LateForLunch

08/26/2023, 13:27:19

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Even though this is a Newsmax article, it's from AP - so ignore the anti-conservative slant of the reporting. For instance, the author of the article describes the newly elected governments in Italy, Spain, Poland and Hungary as "far right". AP routinely refers to ANY government not aligned with leftist dicta and the EU oligarchy as far-right, but NEVER refers to ANY government (not even Communists) as "far left". Why is that?

The on-going sundering of the EU's plans for domination over the national governments of its members is a catastrophe for the elitists driving radical socialist/Statist policies emanating from the EU. They are seriously spooked.

Britain's recent departure from the EU has never become the catastrophe the EU tried to make it - the English Pound remains strong and continues to strengthen, while the Euro remain at near-parity with the USD and shows signs it may weaken further in the next few weeks*. Other nations, most-prominently Hungary have moved to the brink of exiting the EU as well. There are EU exit movements gathering political force in many European nations (especially the ones mentioned in the article).

So it looks like Soros (through his son Alex) is panicking a little and withdrawing from European operations in order to address the larger crisis of the major, growing unpopularity of the EU and affiliate policy stances they push.

A troubling possibility is also that the new Soros has something up his sleeve and intends to focus the foundation's resources on that. The suddenness of the termination of funding suggests that whatever is driving the change is of such great importance that the foundation is willing to risk alienating and harming allies who have been working for them loyally for decades.

One wonders what Alex has up his sleeve - since he is reputedly even more of a radical revolutionary (Marxist) socialist than his red-diaper father. He's definitely not shifting his political views, so this evacuation of funds from Europe screams that he is up to something big.

* A big meeting of global economists is underway and it's said in financial publications that afterward, if the dollar strengthens against the Euro even a little more, the Euro will likely decline further or at best remain weak for the remainder of the calendar year. The weakness of the Euro in recent history, driven by the Ukraine unpleasantness and crushing debt in southern member nations, is an ongoing calamity for the EU.

For those with interest in finance, see URL below. It's from Yahoo but it's one of the rare cases where a Yahoo article seems fairly devoid of Marxist propaganda and largely sticks to the facts.

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