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The USD is #1 reserve currency internationally by a long shot at 58% of all nations, Euro #2 (21%) Japanese Yen #3 (6%) English Pound #4 (5%) PRC Renminbi #5 (3%)
Re: SINCE THE BRICS and 6 or 7 others stopped using the dollar as reserve currency, it must be affecting the USD. At this time, I have no idea of what we should be doing individually -- DeeDee Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: LateForLunch

09/01/2023, 00:15:28

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The dollar against the euro will be interesting to watch - if the U.S. Fed raises interest rates in September and the euro doesn't it will weaken the euro further, causing stress on the EU's already tense economic outlook.

Check out Market Watch or Financial Times for articles on smart money management in relation to currencies and exchange rates. Strong dollar means a good time to travel outside U.S. or import foreign products.

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