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Horrible information on Maui fire. Whistleblowers are claiming they know over 1000 were killed, but are keeping it under wraps for now. Mostly children. Also, several residents on T
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Posted by: DeeDee ®

08/14/2023, 13:18:36

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Tik Tok are claiming in January the government suggested Maui to be a perfect smart city.  Smart 15-minute-city as a prime beautiful example, but the locals rejected the idea. The statement by the gov. seems to verify that the NEW CITY will be different, once the gov. rebuilds.  Who knows, but I wouldn't doubt it.

On the other hand, some realtors are saying folks like Oprah, Spielberg et. al. are rushing in to purchase the properties, actually having agents call the displaced citizens to request they sell. Where does that leave BLACKROCK?


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