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I saw that on the news and as horrific as it sounds, I can easily believe it.
Re: Horrible information on Maui fire. Whistleblowers are claiming they know over 1000 were killed, but are keeping it under wraps for now. Mostly children. Also, several residents on T -- DeeDee Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: Jenny ®

08/29/2023, 02:51:50

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Apparently, these people are in the way and must be disposed of.  Actions were taken months in advance of the fires and destruction and the people were blocked in and could not get out.  That has to be deliberate.   Suddenly, there are no phones, no water for the fires, no warning system of any kind, no way out.  I am now willing to believe the greedy and powerful gain their power by any method possible.  Thousands still missing but the government is not allowing anyone in to the area to search?   Something is surely amiss.  

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