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Russ, I'm with you. I'm posting something I found at 1:30 a.m. that might be at least part of the explanation
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Posted by: DeeDee ģ

07/14/2023, 17:45:38

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For those wondering why peace talks havenít happened and why the Biden regime are sending more US troops to Russia; allow me to enlighten you.

Russian MIL accused Biden himself of orchestrating bioweapons production via his biolab company operating in Ukraine, Metabiota.

Biden cannot allow Ukraine to surrender and he cannot have peace talks with Putin, because Russia have presented evidence at the UN over the past 18 months, of biological weapon production by US funded labs in Ukraine, and Russia have demanded that a stipulation for peace would be a UN Security Council investigation of the US biological network in Ukraine. Biden cannot have this because he is directly involved.

Keep in mind these are the same biolabs that the MSM initially said didnít exist at all, only to then later admit that they do exist, but claim they are totally not nefarious in any way. Hunter Biden just has ownership of a biolab company operating in Ukraine, studying bat coronaviruses BEFORE the pandemic. Nothing to see here.

This is why hundreds of billions of your dollars are in Ukraine and why Biden is willing to sacrifice the Ukrainian People down to the last man. Russia want justice for crimes against humanity via violations of the Biological Weapons Treaty, for which the punishment is death.

Iíve been telling the world since the jump; Russiaís escalation in Ukraine is backlash for the US creation of C19. Ukraine and Covid are connected.

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