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Wow, Sen. Barrasso (R-WY) is DIALED-IN...
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Posted by: LateForLunch

07/10/2023, 05:34:23

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...dead-center on multiple targets. What do you think Sen. Barrasso (roll the "R"s) might be possible VP material for DJT or DeSantis?

It's possible we're being played by the Xiden regime - see, sending horribly-dangerous cluster munitions to Ukraine also sort of obligates us to have to help them CLEAN THEM UP after (if) the conflict ends. So it's a way to keep spending money with a "moral imperative" driving it that would be unassailable politically. More Cloward-Piven-aligned profligate over-spending.

Cleaning up undetonated ordnance is expensive and dangerous - so maybe Xiden is setting us up to have to pay for it or send our own people into harm's way to clean up the ones that didn't explode.

LET THE FRIGGIN' OLIGARCHS who run Ukraine pay for their own friggin' ordnance clean-up. It's NEVER been OUR fight (unless you consider it owed due to Slick Willie convincing them to give up their nukes, then Obama abandoning them.)

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