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"Happiness is an inside job." (Famous Amos)
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Posted by: Russ Walden

06/28/2023, 13:43:49

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I'm pretty happy right now, but I was happier in the late 80's -- most notably because my Wife was still with me, but she is gone now. She made me happy, even in the worst of times.

It was during that time that I had to make a "bet the farm" decision. When I explained it to her, including the risks, she asked "Could we even lose the house?" I said "Yes."

She then asked, "Might we have to live in a cave?" I said, "If I can find one, yes."

With her saucy little grin, she asked, "Will you promise to go out and kill wild animals to bring home meat for supper and furs for me?" Again, I said, "Yes."

Then she said, "Let's do it!"

Quite a Lady!

Take care,

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