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What happened in Congress today proves there’s no fixing America anymore
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Posted by: Ihavenoname ®

01/07/2023, 00:56:17

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Rep. Matt Gaetz tried holding the line by vowing to not vote for McCarthy, but instead almost got attacked by another person.

After 15 rounds of voting, McCarthy is now speaker. Gaetz did all he could. 

The entire D.C. swamp is impossible to stop by the public alone. Nobody can stop them. 

Rightfully-elected Gov. Kari Lake once vaguely suggested that some states (including Arizona) should secede from the union. 

Just my opinion, but if the entire country gets too decayed with socialism in the next 10 years (sooner or later), I guess Lake has a point: some states are better off going their separate ways, even if it sounds like a crazy idea.

And to add insult to injury, the 2024 election will very likely end up getting rigged again.

But again, nobody in government cares about the American people. The D.C. swamp (and establishment) continues to win every time.

There’s no such thing as a two-party system anymore. We’re either governed by pure evil, or the lesser of evils. I wish there are better options for us citizens.

And of course, I will not believe the “red hype” going forward into 2024 and beyond. I won’t bother reading/watching the polls, the overly-optimistic headlines, and the energetic rallies. Coping is a waste of time when reality hits hard for some (including me).

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