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BTW, that vote was not a record - that was held in the early 1800s @ 133 votes over two months.
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01/07/2023, 07:52:10

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This also highlights how ill-advised coalition governments can be. Israel's government is one of the few that work even passably and that is only some of the time. Israel seems to be almost ungovernable because of the power of small, radical (kook) groups to fudge up the works of government.

This latest House drama is a case-in-point of how unmanageable political coalitions (which are like the House debate on steroids extended over the entire year) are and another thing that suggests newbie REDDOGREPUBLICAN's ideas about forging a coalition with Democrat party Congress members is just kooky.

Democrats are treacherous and dishonorable by nature. That tendency will get worse, not better if they are granted power to influence policy-making in the GOP House Caucuses or the Senate.

I think REDDOG may not be what he represents - seems suspiciously like a false-flag operative (or at best a fanatical, poorly-informed, opinion-poll-obsessed kook).

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