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"That's sort of a double-negative!" Sincerely, the Spelling Nazi.
Re: Questionable AZ senator Sinema becoming an “Independent” isn’t going to help much -- Ihavenoname Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: LateForLunch ®

12/10/2022, 16:04:46

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I'm just kidding so please don't take offense. I think you meant to express that it was questionable that she would be effective, not questionable that she would be INeffective. 

See, one of our charter members who recently passed (our dearly-beloved Teebone/Barry Hirsh) had the role of reigning forum spelling Nazi. In his honor, I now distribute complaints to people who post things that are in some way grammatically, syntactically or punctuationally* flawed.

  * That was a joke. There is no such word as "punctuationally". I did that deliberately. It's self-contradictory, like "giant shrimp". Sorry again. 

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