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Doomed is a strong term which may not apply.
Re: No worries! No offense happened. I mean't that someone becoming an independent politician doesn't necessarily mean they're switching sides. -- Ihavenoname Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: LateForLunch ®

12/11/2022, 03:25:09

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Since gridlock means little or nothing the 'Crats try to do to the nation (notice I did not use the term "do FOR" the nation) will be DOA unless it puts too many GOP reps in hot water at home. The good thing is that the margin in the House is 218-221, so the 'Crats will not only have to hold ranks with 100% of their members (not always possible) but they also have to swing at least three GOP reps to their side. Three is better than one but not as good as ten. 

The stock market's relative strength (during the usual holiday season sluggishness) speaks about this because gridlock in Congress is sometimes very good for the country economically. Or in this case, at least it's better than the Super 'Crat Majority. 

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