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RINO AZ Gov Doug "Duchey" congratulates the dictator
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Posted by: Ihavenoname

11/25/2022, 23:02:23

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Translation: "I congratulate her majesty the Queen of Arizona for her hard-fought election theft."

Words alone cannot express my outrage. RINO Doug Duchey is pure evil. Not surprising since he let the theft happen in 2020. What a criminal. All of them are laughing at us.

Dumb Duchey, you're well aware of the problems in "Malicecopa" County. You know all too well that this theft was planned in advance. And you back-stabbed the American people not once, but twice.

You deserve every single hatred and disrespect you can possibly get from everyone. You had the power to stop it, but you didn't.

Shame on you, Dumb Duchey.

How will Kari, Abe, and Mark F turn this around and win? God help us.

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