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Former Fox News Shepard Smith's CNBC program cancelled.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

11/25/2022, 19:37:16

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I ignored Smith's homosexuality 'cause what people do behind closed doors is their business. But then I lost all respect for that fool after he senselessly abused/terrorized a waitress who served his table at a DC restaurant (like a girl-hating faggot) then turned into a rabid Never Trumper and started spewing 'Crat talking points on his Fox program before he resigned to go to work for anti-conservative fanatic-run Comcast/NBC/Universal. The fact that he went to the one sector of the NBCU collection of programs that was not dominated by Marxists (CNBC) was interesting. Now they cancelled his program and shown him the door.

So new he's unemployed. Good. Now, I hope he gets hit by a bus.

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