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The CDC will never let go of the COVID nonsense
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Posted by: Ihavenoname

11/26/2022, 12:09:23

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The CDC claimed there's a new variant of the COVID strain that is "vaccine-resistant."

Here's my problem. This fear-mongering nonsense has been going on for two years already. And all of you know that commonsense measures are sufficient in preventing COVID.

Worst of all, now that many dictators are installed in states like Arizona, they will do anything to violate your medical freedom by getting you to take the vaccine, or get fired.

When they hold you at gunpoint, they tell you things like:
  • The vaccine is safe and effective!
  • It fully prevents COVID!
  • People dropping dead from the vaccine is fake news!
  • Take it! Take it! *Performs cringe-worthy Pifzer and Moderna sponsored skit on Jimmy Kimmel live*
What really happened was the occurrence of many cases of vaccine-induced injuries. Let me be clear, I'm not an anti-vaxxer, but people must be given the right to decide for themselves at their comfort whether they should take the COVID vaccine or not. I've had measles and polio vaccines before. That doesn't mean I endorse the COVID vaccine because of countless legitimate and real cases of people dying from the vaccine. I will not ignore this.

What if I take the vaccine and suffer a permanent lifetime facial paralysis, or die from taking it? A free "lifetime injury" is NOT worth it to me. These side-effects are irreversible. Do you want to end your life like that?

And we went from:
  1. "There's no vaccine yet available"
  2. To "there's a vaccine available now, but it's optional"
  3. To "you must take this vaccine or I'll fire you!"
  4. To "no no no! You must take your shot and get boosted every single day or get fired!"
  5. To "take your shot, take your booster, and we'll punish you for reading far-right terrorist websites that falsely claims vaccines will kill you!"
How did we go from needing only a one-time vaccination to now potentially requiring daily vaccinations? Rumor has it that it's part of evil Fauci's perpetual money-making system. And I believe it to be true. What a crook. The boosters are only invented to keep Fauci rich.

My point is clear: I'm not taking the vaccine because numerous problems proven by real cases. If such issues never happened, then I would be more open-minded! But the desire to push the vaccines so quickly seems motivated by money, not in the interest of everyone's health. No thanks.

This is why I'm having trouble with job-hunting! Nobody tells you whether they require the vaccine for employment unless otherwise stated. I'll be fine with wearing a mask and having weekly testing done as an alternative. But employers, hear me out: let the people decide whether to take it or not! Stop making a big deal out of COVID!

Many big tech shills have scrambled to silence the truth through censorship and "fact-checks." And ironically, Libertarian reporter John Stossel called people "selfish" for not taking the vaccine, despite proven and real legitimate cases of life-threatening vaccine-induced injuries.

Stossel: "Personally, I consider vaccine refusers selfish and foolish." NO Stossel, you're the one being selfish and foolish for not hearing out cases like this one. What are you, Stossel? A paid pharma shill? He seems like a LINO (Libertarian in name only).

And to the rest of the governments: get out of my life and leave my freedom alone!

Governor Kari Lake would never have let this happen. No wonder our world is falling apart. Everything is messed up.

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