But the judge changing his mind at the last minute is not
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11/04/2022, 19:50:11

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I heard recently that the corrupted judge now decided to ban video and photo-taking under any circumstances (correct me if Iím wrong). That is not reasonable. At this point, I believe the judge is overstepping his authority and must leave those watchers alone. Let them help to stop ballot-harvesting.†

And for the other comments, Brazil is a sad reminder that our freedom is being taken away one country at a time. Unfortunately, voters do suffer political fatigue even if good people are in power (think Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper).

Itís almost impossible to keep conservatives, libertarians, or populists in power forever. Voters are humans too. Sadly, voters have to see the hard work of conservatives destroyed by socialists in order to see the consequences. That is what Tyrant Trudeau did to Canada. But, many uninformed people will simply deny they made a bad decision. And I have to accept that this is how it goes these days.

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