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Seems like we won’t know what happens until election day
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Posted by: Ihavenoname ®

11/03/2022, 01:24:00

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Now I just found out that the Brazilian president is allowing the transition to proceed without admitting defeat. Won’t jump to conclusions, but Brazil is doomed if he gives up.


1. FAUX-10 displayed the results showing Krooked Hobbs winning 12 days early

2. Brnovich suspiciously pursued legal action against True The Vote and calls election fraud claims “h********”

3. Potential thieves caught covering plates of vehicles being used for ballot harvesting

4. Hobbs threatened legal action against Cochise County for doing a full hand-count and appears to have succeeded

5. Most polls are too close for comfort, and Hamadah and Finchem are both trailing badly in recent but limited polls.

Of course, I’ll do my part and vote in-person only with a ball-point pen for Lake, Masters, Finchem, Hamadah, and other Republicans. But there’s been a lot of uneasy news lately.

So, either the election will be called for Lake at night (maybe unlikely), called for Hobbs, or be another 2020 repeat where they simply stop counting and dump all of the ballots and cheat (and not call the election for days). I hope Lake (and all of the Trump-endorsed candidates) wins.

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