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We,"...have to accept that this is how it goes..." with democracy. But we don't have to like it.
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Posted by: LateForLunch ®

11/05/2022, 01:42:03

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There is a down side to democracy - an uninformed  (or misinformed) voting populace cannot support a healthy democracy. One of the Founders went so far as to state the opinion, "...only a religious (LFL:"moral, ethical") population can sustain a free representative system of governance." 

Wow, was that guy ever on target. See, by "religious" he didn't really mean what that would mean today so much as "normal, socially responsible," IOW the polar opposite of on average at least 1/3 of the voting population of most so-called "free" nations. 

When the voting population ceases to be either able or willing to edumacate (sic) themselves in how they are governed and more-importantly how they SHOULD be governed, things go south from time-to-time. 

The alternative is fascism (oligarchy) or worse, so there's that. 

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