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L.A. government caught fabricating lower homeless numbers desperate to fool people into believing things are not out of control.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

10/19/2022, 14:17:35

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The 'Crat carnival of mutual rape continues in Lost Angeles. This is just the LATEST scandal to emerge from the chaos 'Crats have unleashed. The L.A. city council member (Martinez) caught on an open mic telling the truth about hers and two other Latino council members' anti-black racism/corruption, finally resigned her seat after God knows what pressure from her fellow 'Crats. But the other two who participated in the exchange (DeLeon / Cedillo) are refusing to resign.

Now the county office responsible for counting homeless encampments/people on the streets claim that the growth rate of homeless invading the city/county has DROPPED by nearly double digits. Even the Democrats are calling Bravo Sierra, it's so BLATANTLY obvious they are lying to make government look better to voters. Good luck with that, 'Crats.

Lost Angeles is no longer like Mexico, it has BECOME Mexico (i.e., deeply, universally corrupt). The only question is, can it be reclaimed and once again become part of the USA !?!

CBS2 Investigates: The questions surrounding the accuracy of latest LA homeless count - CBS Los Angeles (

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