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Dominos continue to fall - Sweden elects anti-Marxist PM in wake of immigrant crime explosion, debt crisis brought on by entitlement spending on EU virtue signaling.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

10/18/2022, 07:51:58

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Sweden elected what anti-conservative mass media are already labeling a "far right" government. IOW, they do not support the EU's Marxist policies.

Sweden joins Italy et al in electing leaders who are opposed to the Marxist/Statist policies promulgated by the elitist EU leaders in Brussels, Belgium.

It is ironic that the EU would base itself in Belgium. Historically the Belgian leaders have always been deceitful, treacherous, vicious, stupid, wicked, cacogens. They have frequently cravenly betrayed and led their citizens into one catastrophic disaster after another. Bungling, evil, chaos-invoking, reality-detached ideologues. So the psychotic Belgian Utopians are trying AGAIN in modern era with the hopelessly corrupt, feckless, incompetent EU leaders.

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