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Speaking of Lost Angeles, firearms had NOTHING to do with massive death-swath across city.
Re: L.A. government caught fabricating lower homeless numbers desperate to fool people into believing things are not out of control. -- LateForLunch Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: LateForLunch

10/19/2022, 15:29:32

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(34) dead when lithium battery power system short likely caused a fire that sank the sea vessel below (thanks ecoparanoids):

California dive boat captain faces new federal charge in fire that killed 34 - CBS Los Angeles (

(1) worker killed. Pomona is slightly outside the L.A. radius, but it's the same culture (or rather lack of culture) involved. Drunken cacogens running amok:

They should do a musical about a young woman who comes to the Big City (L.A.) kicking up her heels seeking fortune and fame, walks to Starbucks to get her daily $15 morning coffee confection, when a homeless animal charges at her and stabs her in the skull with lawn shears - embedding (forgive me) 1.5 inches into her skull. Like West Side Story!!

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